Sectors of application

Manufacturers of heat pumps (air-air, air-water, water-water, fuel hybrids, gas hybrids, geothermal) and thermodynamic water heaters/Boiler manufacturers/Designers of innovative energy systems

Your challenges

  • To characterise and approve equipment for the production of heating or domestic hot water in residential or tertiary buildings
  • To optimise energy equipment by improving its performance (energy consumption, thermal comfort, customer invoicing, etc.)
  • To think up and design innovative energy equipment

    Our strengths

    • Recognised technical expertise for the global industrial sector.
    • Powerful test resources providing multiple possibilities through unique semi-virtuality.
    • Several years of experience in prototyping.
    • Numerous field monitoring operations that reinforce our knowledge of real system operation.
    • Internationally recognised scientific excellence (publications, awards, higher education).

    Our offer

    • Trial and test campaigns on energy equipment in a controlled or real environment, and for simulated (semi-virtual) consumption scenarios.
    • Identification of ways to improve your equipment or products through combined laboratory/modelling analysis.
    • Prototype design, commissioning and tests in our laboratories.
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    Use case examples

    Several dozen energy equipment manufacturers: Laboratory tests of around a hundred products to analyse their performance under controlled or real conditions.

    Support for technological solutions destined for the new equipment market.

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