Sectors of application

Photovoltaic installer sector / Centralised production / Solution integrator for buildings.

Your challenges

  • To characterise and approve a product or integrated solution for the production of photovoltaic electricity
  • To assess the initial and long-term behaviour of modules and their systems (inverters, etc.)
  • To develop sizing tools for photovoltaic projects in various sectors (tertiary, industrial, residential, centralised)
  • To define a research programme and/or develop test resources associated with photovoltaic production

Our strengths

  • Know-how implemented in support of EDF Energies Nouvelles (EN) and its subsidiaries (EDF Group).
  • Multi-physical modelling tools, enabling work to be carried out from the module level to the PV equipment level.
  • Training provided for a wide range of audiences (researchers, study engineers, etc.).
  • Internationally recognised scientific excellence (publications, awards, higher education).

Our offer

  • Trial and test campaigns of all technologies.
  • Modelling studies of photovoltaic installations and optimisation of their sizing and management.
  • Set-up of research projects and programmes on centralised and decentralised photovoltaic systems.
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Use case examples

Off Grid Electric: Assessment of equipment characteristics, including a characterisation campaign of the modules used in their offers.  

EDF Business Units: Study of module qualification and ageing. Assessment of specific deterioration. Realisation of innovative production systems.

EDF Affiliate: Development of a self-consumption manager used to control the production of domestic hot water and electrochemical storage depending on photovoltaic production.

Testing Facilities

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Training your staff

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