Sectors of application

Active facades, which adapt their behaviour to their environment and to the occupants needs, connected or not to technical equipment. Solar and/or bioclimatic technologies.

Your challenges

  • To design and optimise your bioclimatic technologies for residential and non-residential buildings.
  • To carry out full-scale tests and validate the performance of your building-integrated systems for renovation and for new construction works.
  • To characterise and analyse your innovative components in detail under real conditions.
  • To develop and validate a digital twin of your systems for your field applications.
  • To demonstrate the benefits of your innovations from their installation to their dismantling through a measurement campaign

Our strengths

  • Technical expertise in building technologies (walls, ventilation) that is internationally recognised by academic and industrial partners.
  • Fully adaptive test resources, enabling the comparison of systems for all orientations and for all types of facade.
  • Multiphysical characteristics modelling tools, allowing studies from the material scale to the building and district scale.
  • Internationally recognised scientific excellence (peer reviewed publications, awards, professorship in higher education), especially in the field of materials and transfers (thermal, hydric, aeraulic).

Our offer

  • Support in the design of innovative technologies suited to smart buildings and incorporated into their environment (outdoor climate, urban block).
  • Provision of facades for the installation and testing of complete technologies.
  • Experimental tests in a real (outdoor climate) and in a controlled  environment
  • Identification of areas for improvement through combined laboratory/modelling analysis.
  • Development and validation of digital twins of technologies for replication
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Use case examples

Manufacturers of building envelope solutions: co-development of innovative building envelope solutions; laboratory testing of technologies to analyse their performance under real conditions.

Academic partners renowned in the field of research and development in the “building of the future” area: collaborative research works and projects, joint laboratories.

Regional partners: guidance for technological solutions for retrofitting and for new buildings construction.

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