Sectors of application

Power Distribution and Supply Companies / Metering Asset Operators & Providers / Metering Equipment Manufacturers

Your challenges

  • To deploy new smart metering systems
  • To assess and test new metering equipment
  • To check equipment compliance with respect to international metering standards
  • To master the applications provided by the G3 PLC powerline communication technology

Our strengths

  • More than 25 years’ experience in the field of specifications and tests on electronic, residential and industrial meters
  • Deep knowledge writing the specifications and running the tests of most residential and C&I meters deployed on the distribution network in France
  • Expertise resulting from more than 25 years of in-service monitoring of the French metering fleet
  • Experts present in international metering and communication standardisation groups, members of the IEC,  CENELEC, DLMS User Association, G3 PLC Alliance and LoRa Alliance

Our offer

  • Consulting and project management assistance in the preparation and execution of call for tenders for the manufacture and deployment of smart meter systems.
  • Support in the preparation of equipment test plans in order to guarantee asset reliability and robustness throughout the product service life.
  • Consulting and expertise in product fault analysis.
  • Consulting services for quality monitoring of installed equipment.
  • Support and execution of meter manufacturing process audits.
  • In-house test services for climatic, environmental (ageing) and electrical tests.
  • Control of compliance of customer interfaces, equipment related with or connected to the smart meters (such as in-home displays).
  • Support and expertise in the field of the G3-PLC powerline communication technology.
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Use case examples

Enedis: Since the first industrial solid-state meter (CVE) in the 1990s, EDF R&D has been involved in writing the  specifications, running compliance and performance tests and monitoring metering assets. The latest meters tested to date are the SAPHIR meter (for MV customers) and the Linky® meter.

SEI - EDF Insular Power Systems: Support in the deployment of smart meters, particularly by working on the durability of the meters in tough tropical environments (through use of specific rigorous climatic tests)

EDF Energy: Support of the smart meter programme in Great Britain.

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