Sectors of application

Sectors of application: Industry / Tertiary sector / Public lighting

Targeted equipment: Lamps, lights, ballasts, management and control computer systems

Your challenges

  • To invest in high-performance lighting equipment adapted to your buildings and outdoor spaces, which includes the latest technologies.
  • To guarantee the quality of equipment.
  • To control your installation in accordance with all your needs.
  • To come up with smart, communicating solutions.

Our strengths

  • Multidisciplinary expertise directly available: electrical, electronic, thermal, equipment, communication and control
  • Recognised experience and know-how implemented by our technicians and expert engineers
  • A single laboratory to test all components (possibility of carrying out tests in cold chambers)
  • An outdoor public lighting platform for network tests
  • A laboratory accessible to customers

Our offer

  • Support and assistance in decision-making for your lighting solutions: identification of needs and drafting of specifications.
  • Equipment tests: assessment of lighting solutions through the appraisal of the multiple innovations presented (quality of manufacture, quality of components, choice of design, resistance over time).
  • Support in the implementation and maintenance conditions necessary to ensure satisfactory operation.
  • Co-development of solutions that incorporate smart lighting.
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Use case examples

Logistics operator: Equipment tests before making investment decisions.

Railway transportation: Drafting of specifications for station platform lighting.

Private car park operator: Support in investment-related decision-making (technological choices and implementation recommendations).

Agri-food / Aeronautics: Analysis of specific needs and assessment of equipment to support the choice of solutions.

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