Sectors of application

Electric mobility and stationary electrical storage manufacturers/Start-ups who develop innovative battery technologies/Local authorities/Design offices working on the integration of batteries for renewable energies & self-consumption or electrical backup/Equipment constructors and manufacturers/Research & Development

Your challenges

  • To test your batteries using a complete, proven method, from the electrochemical cell to the complete pack, whatever their degree of maturity
  • To select the best battery technology offer for your stationary energy storage or electric mobility applications
  • To develop new battery solutions together for your specific needs

Our strengths

  • Resources for modelling, simulation and cartographic analysis
  • Recognised expertise: member of the RS2E national electrochemical storage network
  • An international network and extensive knowledge of battery applications
  • Partnerships for additional tests (for example: STEEVE platform with INERIS)
  • A research laboratory in the field of new generation batteries

Our offer

  • Complete tests on electrochemical batteries in dedicated laboratories:
    • Performance tests, cyclical ageing and calendar ageing, safety
    • Development of test methods specific to your needs by simulating all types of electrical and thermal stress scenarios
  • Assessment of the security protocols to be implemented from the unit to the system and BMS analysis
  • Study of needs and concerted choice of the most appropriate technology on the market to meet your stationary or mobile application requirements
  • Support to develop new battery solutions:
    • Definition of needs and technical specifications
    • Development of a prototype in our dedicated laboratories
    • Consulting for the pre-industrialisation phase
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Use case examples

Local authorities and renewable energy installers: Tests and assessment of battery solutions on electric buses or renewable energy farms in isolated areas or on constrained networks (references: 20 MW on the PJM network in the USA and 50 MW for the National Grid in the United Kingdom).

Start-ups: Work with many French and international start-ups wishing to test their innovations.

Vehicle manufacturers and battery manufacturers: Tests and assessment of batteries, standardisation, data collection, exchange of technological road maps.

International Automobile Federation ("Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile" or FIA):  EDF R&D is the exclusive partner for tests on batteries fitted in vehicles competing in Formula-E championships.

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