Sectors of application

In France and abroad

  • Air-conditioning: tertiary buildings (hotels, hospitals, swimming pools, museums)/Data centres
  • Process cooling: Agri-food industry/Chemical industries/Mass catering/Mass retail/Urban cooling network

    Your challenges

    • To maximise energy savings and reduce operating and maintenance costs, by optimising your cooling production installations and improving their reliability.
    • To reduce your environmental impact.
    • To ensure return on your future investments by opting for an objective personalised study that is adapted to your particularities.

    Our strengths

    • Technical expertise in cooling production and storage solutions
    • Laboratory-approved modelling and sizing tools
    • More than 100 audit and diagnosis operations carried out on the premises of EDF or Dalkia (EDF Group) customers
    • Subsidiaries to potentially support you in implementation, maintenance and operation work

    Our offer

    Realisation of a sizing and optimisation study for a future thermal cooling storage facility associated with a cooling production installation to:

    • Help in the assessment of the technical and economic benefit of setting up thermal storage (energy savings, savings on invoices, impact on sizing and investment, impact on your electricity tariff and contract power, etc.).
    • Identification of the best technical solution for your situation (with complete neutrality with respect to manufacturers).
    • Have a design for a durable, optimised solution.
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    Use case examples

    Urban network: Sizing of a cooling storage solution to increase new customer connection capacity. Study followed by work.

    Mass retail: Study of the refurbishment of a cooling production facility for the mass retail sector, incorporating the use of cooling storage to improve performance. Study followed by work.

    Office air conditioning: Pre-study of the installation of cooling storage to improve reliability and reduce cooling production costs.

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