Sectors of application

Municipalities, real estate developers, Urban Planning Departments, Housing Associations

Urban sectors: planning, development, construction, environment improvement, waste management, transport and land use planning.

Your challenges

  • To create a liveable and attractive urban environment for all residents and attract investments
  • To select and deploy cost-effective low carbon energy systems, energy efficient buildings, local renewables and smart grid technologies
  • To optimize investments for sustainable objectives from the early stage of urban planning
  • To improve urban planning decisions, by respecting links between energy, environmental quality and mobility needs

Our strengths

  • A long lasting experience and scientific excellence in low carbon energy solutions for cities and regions
  • A unique approach from planning to operations, with strong commitments
  • A systemic approach, encompassing innovative energy systems and energy efficiency in buildings, renewables, smart grids, public lighting, low carbon mobility…

Our offer

  • Consultancy for the definition of Energy & Urban project objectives, with visualization of data and indicators on a 3D scenario of the studied district or city.
  • Assessment of Energy concept scenarios: definition of few scenarios for energy efficiency actions, renewables development and smart grids, with cost / benefits analysis.
  • Simulation tool for Energy concept scenarios: energy demand, Renewable potential, networks capacities.
  • Systemic & integrative modelling decision making tool with an interactive web-accessible 3D interface of your city / district. Includes energy system models (energy demand, renewable, networks) and can be extended to mobility, quality of air, noise, urban heat island as well as quality of life indicators.
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Use case examples

Singapore: The Housing & Development Board has used our 3D tool to build their best investment in policies and technologies for more sustainable and liveable neighbourhoods

LINGANG, Shanghai: An energy concept for a 42km² “green field” innovative green urban design proposal for the Shanghai Zhangjiang Development Company with China Investment Development. The concept cut CO2 emissions by half, produced 100% of the district’s energy locally and reduced the energy bill for residents by 10%.

Tegel, Berlin: Visualization and assessment of different urban energy planning strategies by analysing the interrelation between planning decisions and multi-energy systems (integration of Renewable Energy Sources, Combined Heat & Power, Industrial Waste Heat, etc.).

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