Sectors of application

Energy / Distribution / Territorial development / Urban planning / General public consumer consumption / Studies and consulting / Equipment manufacturers / Residential housing

Your challenges

  • To simulate the overall energy performance of a building or household, taking into account the lifestyle of its inhabitants
  • To assess the effects of energy-related public policies on human behaviour and consumption
  • To build your "large-scale" studies using realistic data on human activity and consumption
  • To simulate the impact of an external stimulus on electricity consumption and the behaviour of households

Our strengths

  • A unique tool combining automatic simulation and manual setting of parameters, allowing to provide various studies at the local level or on a large-scale basis, using variable time steps
  • The use of INSEE statistical databases for large-scale simulations, in terms of people's schedules and the characterisation of households (person(s) that make(s) up the household, sex, age, socio-professional category, rural/urban, etc.)
  • Realistic and anonymous results guaranteed
  • Recognised scientific excellence in building thermal analysis, ergonomics and multi-agent data processing
  • Partnerships with academic institutions (LIMSI, UPMC, etc.)

Our offer

  • Generation of realistic data on human activity and electricity consumption at the level of a household, a building, a district or a city in France. (for other countries, a period of adaptation and integration of local data is necessary)
  • Testing of your policies, products and services in a simulated environment
  • Construction of a "tailor-made" study, by varying the relevant parameters (human activity, consumption, prices, geographical area, weather, year, etc.)
  • Assessment of the impact of a stimulus (price, weather, connected objects, etc.) on electricity consumption or human activity
  • Validation of your design choices through participatory simulation
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Use case examples

Several dozen studies carried out and several thousand load curves delivered, including:

Smart Electric Lyon/ADEME project (2016-2017): study on energy efficiency at the national level (simulation of 2,000 households)

EDF Sales Division (2017): more than 4,000 simulations delivered to calibrate commercial offers and assess the impact on consumption or human activity

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