Sectors of application

Public consultation of industrial, development or territorial projects

Your challenges

  • To anticipate and assist you in the construction of relationship with local stakeholder within the territory
  • To organise stakeholder dialogue by accompanying you through public consultation
  • To understand changes in public opinion related to your projects
  • To clarify your questions of acceptability and land use conflicts

Our strengths

  • Experience in opinion analysis since 1992 for various EDF Group business lines: hydraulics, electricity transmission and distribution systems, nuclear power stations, fossil fuel power plants
  • A methodological innovation practice on opinion analysis tools, in line with the progress of artificial intelligence
  • Experience in the transfer of learnt-experiences to an audience of operational staff and managers
  • A network of partners: academics, associations, foundations, consultants, etc.
  • Recognised scientific excellence in the sociology of public opinion, environmental controversies and innovation

Our offer

  • Guidance in your industrial project's public consultation and assistance in project management:
  • Evaluation of existing or projected systems, feedback loops construction, advice on methodology
  • Training of your project managers to the used methods and tools
  • Production of a summary of the state of opinion
  • Analysis of the understanding of technical or technological uses, including those that are currently emerging (appropriation, controversies)
  • Design of ad-hoc conferences and seminars
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Use case examples

EDF, ADEME, VENTEEA Joint Project:  Societal and territorial review of a wind turbine demonstrator in the Aube Department

EDF  – Sustainable Development Division: Elected representatives and consultation - a guide to stakeholder engagement

Social and Environmental Economic Council: Expertise for the "Dialogue between stakeholders and economic development" guideline

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