Sectors of application

Energy industry/Power distribution and transmission/Smart Grids/Research & Development

Your challenges

  • To develop a specific qualification programme that meets your safety, reliability, sustainability and network integration needs
  • To have results enabling operating margins to be assessed in real situations and to identify technical margins to increase performance
  • To objectify real service lives, in order to ensure that renewal programmes run smoothly
  • To adapt your equipment to changes in electrical systems: integration of renewable energies (intermittence), smart grids (operation rates)

Our strengths

  • EDF Networks Lab offers a complete range of tests on a single site, covering all substation equipment and network connecting equipment from LV to 420 kV. The laboratory is accredited in accordance with the NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 (COFRAC) standard for a large part of its activity, notably in accordance with the IEC reference base, as well as network operator specifications.
  • The laboratories are members of the STL (Short-circuit Testing Liaison).
  • They have testing and logistics resources and accessories that enable the requirements of the particular specifications of French and European operators to be met.
  • 75 highly qualified experts, engineers and test technicians who can rely on support from EDF's multidisciplinary R&D researchers, where necessary

Our offer

  • Equipment qualification with preferential support conditions.
  • Development of innovative solutions and operations to secure their integration into a complex electrical system.
  • Testing of system integration and validation of "smart" solutions from downstream of the meter to the primary substation.
  • Standardised or non-standard qualifications or sampling for specific operating conditions.
  • Investigations following high-stake incidents, support in the development and validation of corrective solutions.
  • Optimisation of asset management: extension of the range of application of equipment, prolongation of service lives.
  • "Understanding and interpreting electrical equipment tests" training course. Ref. ARN3994.
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Use case examples

Network operator: Despite the fact that sufficient statistical data was not available to determine the end-of-life criteria for a pool of oil circuit breakers (FVH), a targeted electrical and mechanic-climatic endurance test campaign on a sample of older devices enabled their technical service life to be extended by 5 to 10 years.

Cable manufacturers: Certified qualification of equipment for the 320 kV DC France-Spain and France-Italy links.

Manufacturer: Development of a specific test programme and performance of cut-off tests to support the development of an innovative HVDC circuit breaker.

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