Sectors of application

All capital-intensive industrial installations (Energy, Networks, Transport, Oil & Gas, etc.)

Your challenges

  • To analyse your industrial asset maintenance strategies (preventive maintenance, replacement of components, increase in the stock of spare parts)
  • To assess the availability or performance gains generated by expenditure related to maintenance investment
  • To identify the technical and economic impact of postponing a maintenance operation or reducing the investment budget allocated and to assess the likelihood of regretting the investment
  • To optimise maintenance strategy programming, in order to maximise return on investment throughout the installation’s life cycle, while respecting budgetary constraints

Our strengths

  • Know-how implemented across the EDF Group's production plant pool (Nuclear, Hydroelectricity, Thermal, Renewable energies, Distribution network)
  • More than 50 studies carried out within EDF
  • Targeted training: project leaders, study engineers, managers, financial engineers, maintenance managers
  • Internationally recognised scientific excellence (publications, awards, higher education)

Our offer

  • Performance of a business line issue analysis
  • Construction of the case study with you: modelling of the technical-economic system, characterisation of input data and associated uncertainties (for example, component reliability, storage cost, etc.)
  • Realisation of a pilot study together with associated sensitivity studies
  • Strategy optimisation to maximise return on investment while respecting budgetary, industrial, logistical, human and regulatory constraints
  • "Tailor-made" training courses
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Use case examples

EDF : Nuclear - Analysis of investment files in the context of the “Major overhaul of the French plant pool” programme
EDF : Hydroelectricity - Assessment of the benefit of carrying out equipment renovation in a production plant
EDF Renewables : Assessment of various offshore wind farm maintenance scenarios, taking into account offshore accessibility
Electric Power Research Institute, United States: Evaluation of the economic impact of a modification to a safety component (in the USA context)

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