Sectors of application

Operator of critical infrastructure (energy, utility, transport, etc.) / manufacturer of equipment who wants to secure its critical information systems (production, industrial process control, management of confidential information, etc.)

Your challenges

  • To identify the safety needs and the vulnerabilities of your information systems
  • To perform risk assessment studies in compliance with ANSSI methods & standards
  • To identify the most appropriate safety measures for your infrastructures

Our strengths

  • Significant experience in risk analysis using EBIOS method with EDF Business Units (ENEDIS, EDF Renewables, etc.) and more generally extensive knowledge of regulations and standards
  • 15 years of experience in cybersecurity and on major vulnerabilities of industrial systems (SCADA, PLC, Modbus protocols, OPC-UA, S7, etc.)
  • A close relationship with our clients which enables us to provide customized solutions with a high added value

Our offer

  • Assistance and consulting on risk management, identification of safety measures and implementation of safety management systems
  • Risk analysis based on EBIOS methodology, using dedicated tool “CYPH-R”
  • Licence of CYPH-R tool
  • Support or training on the use of CYPH-R tool
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Use case examples

EDVANCE : EBIOS risk analysis with CYPH-R tool for EPR2 type nuclear plant

EDF Renewables : Risk analysis on generation plants, including an onshore wind farm

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