Sectors of application

Transport industry/Specialised vehicles/Armaments industry/Construction industry/Electric vehicles/Offshore/Research & Development

Your challenges

  • To characterise and approve equipment, an industrial product or a large-scale integrated solution in an extreme environment.
  • To have a solution enabling the simulation of accelerated ageing on bulky equipment.
  • To objectify the real service live and endurance of equipment in high and low temperatures or under climatic ageing constraints.
  • To check the behaviour of equipment subjected to electromagnetic fields.

Our strengths

  • A climatic chamber of exceptional size
  • EDF Networks Lab offers a complete range of tests on a single site, covering all substation equipment and network connecting equipment from LV to 420 kV. The laboratory is accredited in accordance with the NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 (COFRAC) standard for a large part of its activity, notably in accordance with the IEC reference base, as well as network operator specifications.
  • 75 highly qualified experts, engineers and test technicians who can rely on support from EDF's multidisciplinary R&D researchers, where necessary.

Our offer

  • Environmental constraint tests (climatic constraints, lightning, electromagnetic compatibility-EMC) with one of the largest climatic chambers in Europe and its various EMC chambers.
  • Extensive, "tailor-made" tests of exposure to pollution or severe climates, in a natural environment or in a test chamber, or controlled lightning strikes.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility tests using its two chambers (anechoic and reverberation) for both emissions and immunity.
  • The laboratory is also equipped with generators enabling most immunity tests to be carried out (electrostatic discharges, shock waves, fast transients in bursts, radio frequencies, etc.).
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Use case examples

Armaments industry: Tests of the proper operation of military or public works equipment under extreme climatic constraints: proper operation in extreme temperatures, in ice, after positive and negative thermal shocks, exposure to solar radiation or humid atmospheres (90 to 95%).

Vehicle manufacturer: Testing of electric vehicles in extreme temperature conditions with respect to the safety and proper operation of batteries.

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