Sectors of application

Electricity, gas, household, private and public sectors (excluding France, Belgium, Great Britain and Italy)

Your challenges

  • To know and understand the electricity and gas consumption of your customer portfolio, in order to clarify your strategic and commercial vision.
  • To develop the associated personalised offers, services and counselling, which are differentiated according to your customers’ energy use.
  • To assess the effectiveness of implemented actions, in order to take action on your customers’ consumption behaviour.

Our strengths

  • A specialised and multidisciplinary team in the fields of data science (various profiles of data scientists, data analysts and statisticians).
  • Recognised and proven know-how that within the EDF Group (sales and marketing of energy). Excellent knowledge of the specificities and issues of the energy sector.
  • Project-mode teams who are able to combine disciplinary skills and business knowledge.

Our offer

  • Analysis of your customers’ data, to propose better personalised services and advices related to their consumption habits, while respecting your confidentiality constraints:
    • Identification of the main factors that explain your customers’ consumption. Assessment of the impact of cyclical events.
    • Segmentation of your portfolio per homogeneous category in terms of consumption.
    • Determination of typical consumption patterns that are representative of your customers, incorporating various seasonal adjustments (monthly, weekly, daily, intraday) and the impact of climate related factors.
    • Estimation of your customers’ energy and power requirements, depending on their characteristics, in order to optimise the targeting of your offers.
  • Development of predictive models that enable customers to anticipate and control changes in their consumption and the associated expenses.
  • Development and application of methodologies and studies to estimate the energy savings made through actions targeting consumer behaviour or for the measurement and forecasting of individual demand/response events in all sectors.
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Use case examples

EDF Business Units: Development of the algorithms implemented in the e.quilibre digital service, concerning the monitoring of gas and electricity consumption by residential customers

Support for the development of a new range of offers for B2B customers (targeting and pricing of offers).

"Smart Electric Lyon" project: Assessment of the impact of the tested solutions (display of consumption, new prices, load management) on consumption behaviour.

A Distribution Operator: Support to the distribution network operator for the management of consumption profiles, which are used operationally and in flow reconstitution systems. Participation in the development of the used profiles and their associated models.

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