Sectors of application

Electricity production, turbine generators, research & development

Your challenges

  • To improve the availability of your generators: to avoid unplanned shutdowns that immobilise the entire production facility 
  • To improve performance: to prepare maintenance/repair operations without having to stop the process 
  • To anticipate unexpected incidents: to prevent serious damage to a turbine generator

Our strengths

  • Highly efficient (patented) unique diagnostic solution: on-line detection of major rotor defects (short-circuit between turns and eccentricity faults). Ability to determine the nature of the fault and its radial location
  • Years of modelling, know-how and expertise in the field of EDF plant pool generators are incorporated into the software
  • "Plug and play" solution based on a flow sensor installed in the generator, energy self-sufficient and extremely simple to use
  • Highly economical solution for turbine generator rotors

Our offer

Based on our high-performance, easy-to-use (patented) NYMFEA diagnostic solution, we offer:

  • Either the sale and installation of the NYMFEA solution and training in its use
  • Or a diagnostic service for your generators
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Use case examples

EDF nuclear and thermal power plants: currently being deployed in EDF thermal and nuclear power plants.

Going further with EDF R&D

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