Sectors of application

Industrial and business parks

Your challenges

  • To foster Industrial Ecology into your industrial park.
  • To gain in competitiveness by developing energy/mass exchanges with neighbouring companies.
  • To have a better control of energy and mass consumption (e.g. water) in your industrial area.
  • To reduce the environmental impact within your territory.
  • To increase recycling rates of waste heat by your equipment and processes and to share it with your industrial neighbours through heat networks.

Our strengths

  • A vast know-how  and track record; by a team of experienced engineers in the following subjects: energy/ma integration, heat networks and industrial processes.
  • In-depth knowledge of industrial sites and industrial activity zones.
  • A targeting tool dedicated to inter-site heat and mass exchange potential based on sectorial and real data (RECYTER).
  • A software platform for optimisation and decision-making, enabling the integration of energy and mass via heat, cold and mass networks (PHOENIX), enabling the analyses of various realistic scenarios.

Our offer

A support in ambitious and reasoned analysis to foster a better control of your environmental impacts and in the sharing of waste/resources with your neighbours within your territory.

Mapping of the potential for recovery and exchange of your territory’s mass and energy flows (e.g. waste heat).

Assistance in decision-making concerning the best technical-economic solutions for the design of heat and mass exchange networks in your territory (OPEX/CAPEX calculations, environmental impacts, internal rate of return, etc.).

Design of heat/cold and material network paths, taking into account spatial constraints.

Design of new means of production of heat and cold production, in addition to energy networks and heat recovery systems (heat pumps, ORCs, etc.).

Design of the mass exchange networks and the required processing units.

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Use case examples

Vitry le François industrial area: Launch of an industrial and territorial ecology approach, by proposing mass and energy exchanges and synergies based on sectorial and real data.

Métropole Savoie cold network: Prospective study on the implementation of a cold network, powered by energy recovery from the Le Bourget lake water.

Dunkirk industrial harbour area: Identification of exchange potentials for heat and cold networks.

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