Sectors of application

Designers and operators of public distribution and transmission networks and the internal power networks of industrial, tertiary and residential customers

Your challenges

  • To develop methods, processes and decision-making support tools for the development of networks that integrate renewable energies and new uses
  • To develop harmonic interference models of new uses, in order to predict their impact on networks
  • To develop and optimise disturbance testing and measurement resources

Our strengths

  • A continuous capitalisation approach, based on measurements carried out on sites and in laboratories, enabling us to improve our simulation models
  • Regular enhancement of our tools to enable the study of new uses and new decentralised production systems, and extension to other energy networks
  • Internationally recognised scientific excellence (publications, awards, higher education) supported in standardisation groups

Our offer

  • Realisation of measurements on customer sites or distribution networks, extensive diagnosis of the origin of interference, consulting on the solutions to be implemented
  • Laboratory testing of new uses and analysis of possible associated interference
  • Realisation of models of the interference observed in laboratories
  • Modelling and simulation of power networks, incorporating new uses and their disturbances
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Use case examples

Distribution network operator: Development of simulation modules specific to their needs, in order to better characterise the integration of renewable energies and new uses and thus to optimise the development of their networks

Energy provider: Development of specific tools for their experts, realisation of assessments on industrial sites, in order to determine the causes of the interference observed and to propose solutions

Transmission network engineering: Simulations of the integration of new renewable energies into the transmission network

High-technology company: Simulations and validation of the models used by this company in the characterisation of electrical interference

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