Sectors of application

Food Industry/Chemical and plastics industries/Ventilation/Grinding/Compressed air/Traction/Lifting

Your challenges

  • To improve the predictive maintenance of electric motors: by measuring temperatures, vibration levels, load profiles and temperature and thus to detect internal machine faults early on.
  • To improve industrial process monitoring: using highly economical instrumentation, information is sent from each motor and can trigger alarms on demand.
  • To improve the energy efficiency of the process: depending on your load profile, the software offers you an economical solution and calculates your rate of return on investment.

Our strengths

  • An energy self-sufficient "plug and play" solution, which is extremely simple to install and use
  • Decades of know-how and expertise in the field of motors incorporated into the software
  • Universal solution that can be adapted to any type of low voltage motor

Our offer

Based on the MotorBox system, an innovative system designed by EDF R&D that facilitates the monitoring of electric motors for maintenance, process monitoring and energy efficiency purposes, we offer:

  • Trial and test campaigns in the field of motor energy performance in all industrial processes
  • Expert audits on site   
  • Assistance in industrial motorisation asset management
  • Assistance in project design and construction supervision to implement solutions to optimise your motors’ consumption
  • Training in investment decisions for more economical motorisation solutions
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Use case examples

EDF: Used with our customers to offer energy-saving solutions.

EDF Energy: Successfully tested with EDF ENERGY UK customers in 2015.

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