Sectors of application

Metallurgy / Nuclear and hydraulic production facilities / Military and Aerospace industries / Oil and Gas sector

Your challenges

  • Carrying out complex heat treatments : high heating and cooling rates, under controlled atmosphere ;
  • Simulating of manufacturing process steps for metallic materials : heat treatments, forging, hot rolling, welding ;
  • Performing characterization tests à elevated temperatures : dilatometry experiments, tensile and compression tests ;
  • Understanding the relationships between manufacturing parameters, the generated microstructures and the mechanical properties of your components.

Our strengths

  • A versatile facility, on the cutting edge of technology, offering numerous testing possibilities ;
  • A team of engineers and technicians specialized in metallurgy;
  • An access to multiple characterization techniques, allowing microstructure investigations at all scales.

Our offer

  • Development of research programs for innovative applications
  • A complete R&D offer : carrying out tests on Gleeble simulator, analysis of the results, study of the generated microstructures.
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Use case examples

Simulation of weld heat affected zone (HAZ) thermal cycles and dilatometry measurements to study phase transformations.

Heat treatments with blocked dilatometry, for characterizing the mechanical behavior of metallic materials.

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