Sectors of application

Energy, high-risk industries (petro-chemistry), cement plants, insurance companies

Your challenges

  • Assess the risk of seismic induced faults in equipment
  • Validate the performance of structures and equipment under seismic loading

Our strengths

  • Expertise in seismology, geotechnics, civil engineering and structural dynamics.
  • Numerical simulation tools for site effects, soil-structure interaction and structural behavior, based on code_aster (open source thermomechanical solver) hosted in Salome_Meca.
  • Testing facilities to test the equipment's performance in the event of an earthquake.

Our offer

Assessment of the seismic risk of a facility and its equipment:

  • Seismic hazard through seismology
  • Site effects (soil knowledge)
  • The interaction between soil and structure
  • The behavior and strength of the structure (concrete, backfill...)
  • The foundation - equipment interaction
  • Behavior and resilience of the equipment

This offer is intended for:

  • Seismic risk assessment by integrating the entire analytical chain from the fault to structures and equipment
  • Performance validation of structures and equipment under seismic loading

We offer you:

  • Methodological advice and expert opinion on the entire seismic risk chain
  • Advanced studies on the basis of numerical simulation
  • Validation of models by means of laboratory or on-site tests
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EDF Nuclear and hydraulic power plants
French Atomic Energy Agency
International Agency of Atomic Energy

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