Sectors of application

Designers and operators of industrial power networks that include the electrical substations of public transmission and distribution networks, internal power networks on industrial sites

Your challenges

  • To design, approve and justify a network architecture with respect to a goal of supply continuity
  • To determine a technical and economic optimum between various solutions to improve the reliability of an industrial power network
  • To justify work programmes and the associated investments

Our strengths

  • A mature approach, based on international standards and currently incorporated into the offers developed by EDF Group entities.
  • More than 15 years’ experience in the development of software tools (K6, KB3) for the EDF Group’s internal entities. Continuous development of tools to enable the study of new power systems and extension to other energy networks.
  • Internationally recognised scientific excellence (papers, awards, higher education).

Our offer

  • Estimation of the reliability, availability and weak points of a network by means of numerical simulation, using proven and dedicated software tools and data derived from our feedback (failure rate, duration of repairs, etc.)
  • An approach that can be used in design, in support of an audit or to compare possible developments on a network
  • Expert support in various study phases
  • The possibility of further developing software tools, in order to enable the study of new specific power systems and extension to other energy networks
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Use case examples

Data centre operator: Comparison of possible developments in the architecture of internal power distribution networks, in order to modernise and streamline them, while ensuring an acceptable level of reliability and availability in server power supply.

Major industrial site: Support in the design and estimation of the benefit of a voltage dip desensitisation solution, based on flywheel groups for an industrial production site

Designer of an offshore wind power site: Expertise in the design of the internal power network, which enabled the benefits of a remote control system to be demonstrated, in terms of reliability and availability.

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