Sectors of application

Nuclear and hydraulic production facilities / Chemical industry / Military and Aerospace industries / Electronic and Semiconductor industry / Oil and Gas sector

Your challenges

  • Develop methods and materials to carry out repairs and coatings by Additive Manufacturing "Cold Spray“
  • To perform repairs on site controlling your costs,  reliability of the process and the functionality of the repaired components  
  • To develop innovative materials (composition, microstructure) that conventional processes can not do
  • To establish the cold spray as an additive manufacturing process for simple shapes

Our strengths

  • A cold spray system on the cutting edge of technology;
  • A large panel of sprayable powders thanks to the ATEX spray booth (aluminum, titanium…);
  • A unique package combining expertise in the metallurgy and mechanic fields and in the cold spray process;
  • High end characterization facilities allowing microstructural analysis form nanoscale through meso scale.

Our offer

  • R&D service: Development of research programs for innovative applications;
  • Projection tests with or without characterization of the parts produced;
  • Development of repair methods from the elimination of the defect, its reconstruction and the mechanical characterization of the regenerated part;
  • Development of coatings for the functionalization of surfaces (corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc.).
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Use case examples

French Atomic Energy Agency: Tests on several nature of powders

Nuclear Power Plant: Repair of a titanium coatings on a carbon steel

Naval Group: On going discussions

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