Sectors of application

Energy/Logistics/Resource management (human and material)

Your challenges

  • To make strategic decisions: investment choices, sizing of installation assets or a fleet
  • To optimise and accelerate the operation of your daily decision-making processes by incorporating a large amount of information and the constraints that must be respected
  • To train your teams in the theory and implementation of optimisation techniques


Our strengths

  • Skills and know-how that are recognised within EDF Group's various business lines: management of the EDF portfolio (production assets, customer contracts and financial contracts), optimisation of vehicle routing, human resource management for customer relations activities
  • Know-how in the development of high-performance industrial optimisation codes
  • Internationally recognised scientific excellence (publications, awards, education)

Our offer

  • Analysis of needs and formalisation of decision-making problems, development of models and prototypes
  • Development of complete software solutions and decision-making support tools adapted to your needs
  • Support in the selection of off-the-shelf optimisation solutions
  • Audit of existing optimisation models
  • Development of a tailor-made training programme focusing on the state of the art in the field or directly focused on your practical applications


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Use case examples

EDF Generation Division:

  • Development of code to optimise the management of material resources during refuelling operations.
  • Modelling and supply of decision-making support tools for the management of the EDF production plant pool (investment choices, maintenance schedules and development of the production programme).

Dunkirk LNG : Optimisation of LNG tanker arrival schedules at the Dunkirk terminal to manage scheduling conflicts.

Agri-food industry : Methodological support in the consideration of uncertainties (demand and production) in the energy management process for a manufacturer.

Distribution Grid: Modelling and supply of decision-making support tools for the optimisation of technician intervention routes: from strategic planning (opening/closing of centres in the next 15 years) to operational planning (officer rounds).

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