Sectors of application

Energy/Oil and gas industry/Thermal industry (heat exchangers)/Nuclear industry/Research & Development

Your challenges

  • To reduce unavailability by optimising the operation and performance of your hydraulic components (exchangers, pumps, valves, non-return valves, etc.)
  • To characterise and approve hydraulic components that are subjected to two-phase flows
  • To develop a comprehensive research programme, by combining the experimental approach with numerical simulations

Our strengths

  • Long-standing implementation of know-how for the French nuclear power plant pool
  • Tests recognised by our partners, in France (French Atomic Energy Agency, Framatome) and abroad (the American organisation EPRI), etc.
  • An experimental approach that can be supplemented by local 3D two-phase simulations
  • A large-capacity test installation that is modular and flexible in its operation
  • Internationally recognised scientific excellence (publications, awards, etc.)

Our offer

  • Qualify or test all hydraulic components or systems that may be subjected to single-phase water or gas (air or freon) flows or two-phase flows.
  • Optimise the characteristics or operation of your equipment, by more precisely defining two-phase flows through specific metrology.
  • Provide support in the optimisation, sizing and operation of components through modelling studies.
  • Consulting and expert audits.   
  • Develop research projects and programmes.
  • Train you in our two-phase or vibratory measurement techniques and the simulation of two-phase flows.
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Use case examples

Framatome: The combined approach (experimental and numerical simulation) enabled the characterisation of pressure drops in steam generator spacer plates.

Electric Power Research Institute, USA: Design and realisation of tests used to approve steam generator thermohydraulic behaviour simulation tools.

EDF: Studies of the vibratory instability risk of nuclear power plant pool steam generator tubes.

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