Sectors of application


  • Automotive sector
  • Decentralized power generation sector (residential, tertiary services, industries)
  • Chemical industries and hydrogen production
  • Uninterruptible Power system for Isolated / Sensitive / Off-grid areas

Customers: Manufacturers and Operators of electrochemical power systems (Fuel cells and Hydrogen technologies, batteries, etc.)

Your challenges

  • To deploy economically viable clean and low carbon H2-energy systems
  • To operate an available, reliable and robust H2-system, with a technology mix
  • To improve and optimize H2-systems performances and lifetime
  • Minimise the H2-systems costs

Our strengths

  • A high level of knowledge in the understanding of the physics underlying the faults and the degradation modes of fuel cells and hydrogen production devices.
  • A high level of expertise in the development of algorithms for faults detection / identification / localization and for lifetime improvement, consolidated by patents portfolio (>4 patents).
  • Experimental facilities for long term testing and electrochemical characterisation of systems under customized operating conditions.
  • A network of excellence (publications, patents) in partnership with strategic academic institutions and industries at national and European levels.

Our offer

  • Technical expertise in fuel cell and water electrolyser technologies, and on deployable solutions for different use cases.
  • Non intrusive tools and methodologies to detect and identify faulty conditions on an electrochemical device in operando.
  • Tailor made algorithm tools and methodologies to follow the state of degradation of an electrochemical device and estimate its remaining useful lifetime for a better planned maintenance and higher availability.
  • Tailor made control tools to optimise the system’s operating point.
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    Use case examples

    Agence Nationale de la Recherche (since 2006): Development of algorithms for fuel cell based electric mobility. The French research national agency funding is an acknowledgement of our level of expertise.

    Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (since 2009): Development of diagnostic algorithms for fuel cell based combined heat and power unit in residential application. (European Union funding)

    EDF: Lifetime prediction algorithm with less than 5% of error.

    Going further with EDF R&D

    Testing Facilities

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    Training your staff

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