EMTP-RV computes the electromagnetic values in electrical systems in frequency, load-flow and time-domain. It enables the representation of a complex electrical system in which traditional generating resources (nuclear plants, hydropower plants, etc.) coexist with renewables and 'new' loads (storage facilities, electric vehicles, etc.).

EMTP-RV is a commercially available software package used for the simulation of electromagnetic, electromechanical and control systems transients, encompassing oscillations ranging in duration from microseconds to minutes. The standard EMTP-RV library provides a comprehensive and well-documented list of components and function blocks that allow the user to realize easily complete and complex power system studies.

It includes:

  • advanced models of electrical machines
  • detailed, accurate models of power lines and cables
  • comprehensive models of transformers including magnetic core saturation and hysteresis
  • advanced functions for interfacing with other modelling tools (FMI Standard, Simulink, etc.)
  • an extensive library of control devices
  • etc.

It can solve almost every electrical problem:

  • electrical component lifespan and availability
  • generating plant/grid interaction
  • new architectures
  • etc.

It is also used to test the existing protection system and help adjusting new ones, as well as explaining technical issues in electrical systems.

It is qualified for lightning studies.

It is now a user-friendly tool extensively used in industry. It is a valuable research resource which is widely recognized in the scientific community. EMTP-RV is owned by a consortium of companies that includes EDF.