code_Carmel is a finite analysis electromagnetic field modelling software developed as part of the LAMEL partnership laboratory.

The code_Carmel (Code Avancé de Recherche en Modélisation Electromagnétique - Advanced Electromagnetic Modelling Research Code) was initially developed by the modelling team of the L2EP laboratory.
Since 1, January 2006, the initiative has been run by the LAMEL (Laboratoire Avancé de Modélisation du Matériel Electrique - Advanced Electrical Equipment Modelling Laboratory) joint laboratory partnership that brings EDF R&D researchers from the THEMIS department together with their counterparts from L2EP. New modelling methods offered by code_Carmel are developed jointly by the 2 LAMEL partners.
The business applications of code_Carmel are the diagnostic analysis and qualification of electrical equipment, such as alternators and transformers.

code_Carmel is based on solving potential (vector and scalar) formulations using the three-dimensional finite element method. More information on this program can be found here (in french).