50% of all wood cut in France goes unused. This gave Timothée Boitouzet, an architect and the founder of Woodoo, an idea: strengthen it at the molecular level, transforming the wood into a visionary construction material that is durable, translucent, rot-resistant, three times stronger than the original wood and more resistant to fire. In short, an augmented wood that will help to build tomorrow’s denser, carbon-neutral post-hydrocarbon cities.

“The 19th century was the age of iron, the 20th was the age of concrete, and the 21st will be the age of wood,” predicts Timothée Boitouzet. It seems that someone was listening: in 2017, Woodoo won in the ‘Smart City’ category of the EDF Pulse Awards. While he waits to see his augmented wood used in buildings, set to be around ten years from now, he is focusing on the luxury, design, watchmaking and automobile markets. Ultimately, Woodoo wood will allow the construction of towers stretching over 35 storeys high – three times higher than current wood-built buildings.

  • 2 years

    of research at Harvard

  • 2x

    less energy-hungry than concrete, 17 times less than glass and 130 times less than steel

  • €7M

    Fundraising target for 2018

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