Sitting down, standing up, and climbing and descending stairs are all everyday actions that people with reduced mobility are unable to do alone. Or at least, up until now. The Wandercraft exoskeleton breaks down the barriers of disability, giving disabled people their independence back! These robotised legs, formed of 12 motors that receive signals every millisecond, help paraplegics, people with muscular dystrophy and the elderly to walk again without crutches. This robotic and medical revolution won the Audience Award at the first EDF Pulse Awards in 2014.

Moments after winning in the ‘Health’ category, Alexandre Boulanger, one of the creators behind Wandercraft, explained the source of his conviction: “Exoskeletons are the revolution of the future for people with reduced mobility. They help users to regain a social life simply through as simple an act as being able to stand up and talk with others face-to-face.” And their hard work has paid off! Three years after winning at the EDF Pulse Awards, in September 2017, Wandercraft raised an astounding €15 million. This funding will help them achieve their first certification, carry out clinical tests, begin production and market the exoskeleton in health centres from the end of 2018. One small step for augmented man, one giant leap for mankind!

  • €15M

    raised in September 2017

  • 50

    mathematicians, robotics engineers and biomechanical experts

  • 12

    PhDs in robotics and international awards

Alexandre Boulanger, CEO and director of the Mechanics team ; Matthieu Masselin, Managing director and director of the Software and Command team ; Nicolas Simon, CEO and director of the Mechatronics team and Jean-Louis Constanza, Chief Business Officer.

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