Heavy, expensive, with limited autonomy, and prone to fire... Current lithium-ion batteries in electric cars have their limits. With his Siel project – for Single-Ion Electrolyte –, Professor Renaud Bouchet of the LEPMI laboratory (University of Grenoble) has come up with a game changer. He has imagined the battery of the future: a metallic lithium polymer battery that replaces the liquid electrolyte of lithium-ion batteries (the substance that separates the two electrodes of a battery and allows the electric current to pass through) with a solid electrolyte. In other words, a battery that reduces the risk of fire, stores more energy, and is more economical as well as safer.

Thanks to this promising new technology for the future of electric vehicles, Renaud Bouchet was awarded the 2014 EDF Pulse Awards in the "Science and Electricity" category by an international jury. A great step forward in the search for the ideal battery!

  • 10x

    more energy produced with metallic lithium

  • 1 PhD

    in electrochemistry

Renaud Bouchet

The Team

Renaud Bouchet, Professor at Grenoble INP-Phelma, researcher at the LEPMI laboratory and project initiator.

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