Ever wanted to check that elderly relatives and friends are okay and that they are following their routine? Now you can, thanks to Howz. This smart system from the United Kingdom allows users to remotely monitor senior citizens’ use of electrical devices via sensors in their home. It’s a way of checking that everything is normal, that their home is the ideal temperature, and that their door is closed. In short, Howz provides non-intrusive monitoring to help elderly people retain their independence while also reassuring their family. And the icing on the cake is that it isn’t a luxury device but an innovation designed to make smart homes available to all.

Louise Rogerson, who came up with the idea behind Howz, readily admits that she didn't think she would win in the ‘Smart Home’ category of the 2017 EDF Pulse Awards. In fact, she’d planned on spending her day seeing the sights of Paris! But the prize did indeed go to the young startup from Manchester. “The EDF Pulse Awards helped us to meet a lot of people and we’re really excited by this development potential”, said Jonathan Burr, Howz CEO. But their greatest reward is still hearing their first customers report that the solution has truly changed their daily lives into a safer and more relaxed experience.

  • 8

    specialists in telematics, data analysis, maths, e-health and physiotherapy

  • 500

    EDF Energy customers invited to test Howz

  • £200

    Initial price for a starter kit

The Team

  • Jonathan Burr


  • Louise Rogerson

    Director of Development

  • Nina Embleton


  • Patrick Garvey

    Software Developer

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