Detailed information on the businesses, financial performance, objectives and development prospects… discover our reference publications here so you don't miss anything on the activity and transformation of the EDF group.


Universal Registration Document

To access detailed information on the EDF group's businesses, financial situation and outlook, consult the Universal Registration Document (URD) for the relevant year (from 2006 to 2023). More than 600 pages to learn everything about EDF!


EDF group presentation

All you need to know about the EDF group in a few slides. [PDF, 7Mb]

Data and figures 2022/12/31.


Annual results

The EDF group presented its 2023 annual results on February 16, 2024.
Press release, presentation, financial report, etc. are available in the dedicated space for investors and shareholders.


Impact Report

Which impact of the EDF activities on the planet and on the populations? Stakeholders’ crossed looks.


Powering Carbon Neutrality by 2050: EDF’s Net Zero scenario

EDF contributes to the European debate by presenting an optimized scenario for achieving carbon neutrality in 2050, based on a technical-economic analysis.


EDF group facts and figures

Are you an investor? On this page, you will find all the details on the financial and extra-financial performance of the EDF group.

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