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Plate work, Pipework, Valves and fittings, Ventilation

Civil engineering for production facilities, Waste and dismantling

Concrete constructions, GC consultancy offices

Earth-moving, Roads and various network (VRD), Soil investigations, Underground operations, Construction of water projects

Painting, Site protection

Secondary works

Metal frame, Metalwork, Doors, Metal packaging

Nuclear waste, Nuclear and conventional decommissioning

Production and maintenance logistics currently Strategic Supplier Manager of the VINCI Group

Thermal processing, Rotating machines (0)

Thermal processing, Rotating machines (0)

Turbo-alternator groups, Intellectual services

Strategic Supplier Manager in charge of Framatome

Chemical products, Environmental management

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Archiving, Desktop publishing, Mail

Communication, Publicity


Business trips


Administrative management

Property and technical maintenance

Property, Resident services (cleaning, security, reception, etc.)

Real estate works and developments, Furniture

Roads, EPR2 tertiary markets

Training, R&D

Industrial supplies

Regulatory controls

Vehicles and machinery

Medical services


Transport, Logistics, Handling

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Computer hardware



IT services