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  1. Development of renewable energies: an ambitious goal as part of the CAP 2030 strategy
  2. In France: a continued investment drive
  3. A stronger international presence
  4. Innovation, a major lever in the RE strategy of the EDF Group

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  • Renewables

Today, EDF operates in an environment characterised by the energy transition. Already a reality in France, the energy transition is also taking place at the European level. This is reflected in the low-carbon policies, search for energy independence and major trends that are revolutionising the industrial and energy world, such as energy efficiency and lower production costs.

At the same time, EDF is operating in an environment defined by the digital...

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EDF launched the EDF Pulse Awards to promote innovation and be actively involved in tomorrow's future. It has set a goal for itself: to showcase and provide tangible support to initiatives and projects that unleash electricity's tremendous potential and help advance the world around us.

On the heels of the success of the first edition in 2014, EDF remains as committed as ever this year with EDF Pulse 2015 to spotlight and foster
innovative projects, start-ups, scientists and...

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  • Innovation

The Chinese energy market - like many other sectors of the country's economy - is seeing strong growth, due to increasing electricity consumption1 (up 7.5% in 2013) which is being driven by the country's economic expansion. China has to boost its electricity generation capacity to meet this demand. The country's installed generating capacity increased by 9.5% in 2013 to a total of 1247 GW.


  • China: the centre of gravity of the global energy industry
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