December 2nd, 2021: on the occasion of the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris (WNE), EDF announces the set-up of its International NUWARD™ Advisory Board (INAB).

NUWARD™ is a 340 MWe European Pressurized Water SMR plant composed of 2 reactors of 170 MWe each, designed to address the world energy mix decarbonization challenge with a complementary solution to large size reactors and renewables. This technology is billed to replace old high-emitting coal, fuel, oil and gas plants around the world. Led by EDF, it fully relies on skilful and valuable contributions of CEA, Naval Group, TechnicAtome and Framatome.

The establishment of the INAB is a major step forward supporting the development of NUWARD™: it will gather highly experienced and senior representatives from prominent international industry, academic and research organizations to provide value-driven insights, critical analysis and advice in relation to NUWARD™ technical features, industrial approach and economics. The INAB members will notably provide their guidance and insights on subjects such as market expectations, potential applications and associated business model(s), plant economics, technical features, licensing and regulatory approaches and public acceptance. The INAB’s advice will be instrumental in ensuring NUWARD™’s development and commercial deployment to appropriately address the market expectations worldwide for 300-400 MWe safe, reliable, dispatchable, competitive, CO2-free nuclear baseload.

The INAB gathers today renowned technical, industrial and academic experts from:

  • The industry in Europe and worldwide: EDF UK (United Kingdom); Fortum (Finland); OPG (Canada); TVO (Finland); ÚJV Řež, a. s., a company of CEZ Group (Czech Republic);
  • Academic and Research & Development bodies: Bhabha Atomic Research Center - BARC (India); Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (United States); Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

The participation to the INAB does not bear any form of exclusivity or obligation nor does it commit any of its members in any way in their potential choice of SMR technology for their future needs.

The INAB will meet regularly throughout the different phases of development of NUWARD™ and will be a key driver of the successful deployment of the technology in Europe and worldwide.

Jean-Bernard Lévy, EDF Chairman and CEO said: “With NUWARD™, EDF confirms its willingness to bring to the market a robust technology, complementary to the Group’s solutions as part of its nuclear reactor portfolio, to address the global challenge of energy transition in the next decade. The set-up of this International NUWARD™ Advisory Board is an innovative way for EDF to support the successful development of our SMR technology, taking into account market expectations and potential customers’ requirements and relying on the highly valuable recommendations of leading experts in the SMR field.”

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