From its creation, the EDF Group has innovated: from energy production and networks to services for customers of all sizes. Faced with climate change, the world is now in a race against time. Innovation has become more necessary than ever as half of the CO₂ emissions to be eliminated to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 will be achieved through innovations that do not yet exist or are emerging. Faced with this challenge and in line with its raison d'être, the EDF Group has set itself the mission of expanding the range of opportunities to reach net zero faster.

EDF Pulse Awards

2024 EDF Pulse Awards

To accelerate the energy transition, the EDF Group supports, through the EDF Pulse Awards, all those who commit and propose innovations that meet the Group's raison d'être.

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Our programmes dedicated to innovation

  • EDF Pulse Ventures

    EDF Pulse Ventures provides financial and strategic support to innovative start-ups deploying low-carbon solutions.

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  • EDF Pulse Incubation

    EDF Pulse Incubation harnesses the inventiveness of EDF Group employees to develop solutions that will help us to reach net zero faster.

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  • EDF Pulse Factory

    EDF Pulse Factory enables employees to learn and experiment in order to grow an idea and bring it to fruition.

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  • EDF Pulse Design

    EDF Pulse Design uses design to explore future and emerging uses of carbon-neutral energy. Its projections make it possible to make future solutions accessible to as many people as possible, while preserving the sensitive balances that existed before us.

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  • EDF Pulse Connect

    EDF Pulse Connect is EDF Group’s open innovation initiative. It connects the Group's employees with the innovation ecosystems.

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