As VivaTech’s Low Carbon Partner for the second year, EDF is sponsoring the Impact Mile Planet, the brand new space showcasing startups committed to decarbonization. EDF Pulse Ventures has taken the opportunity to give visibility to 2 startups in which it invested last year: Carbon8 and BeZero Carbon. 2 other startups from the EDF Pulse ecosystem will also be present at the event: Sweetch Energy and Olenergies.

As a leader in low-carbon electricity generation, it was an obvious choice for EDF to sponsor Viva Technology's new "Impact Mile Planet" space, which aims to showcase innovative solutions for building a low-carbon world.

4 startups from the EDF ecosystem will be there from 14 to 17 June 2023: Carbon8, BeZero Carbon, Sweetch Energy and Olenergies.

EDF Pulse Ventures, a strategic partner for startups

EDF Pulse Ventures is not just another corporate venture. Not only does it invest financially in startups committed to building a low-carbon world, it is also keen to help them develop their business.

That's why EDF Pulse Ventures has given some of the startups in its portfolio the opportunity to be present alongside the EDF Group at Viva Technology, Europe's biggest event dedicated to innovation and tech.

2 startups in which it has invested will be represented on the Impact Mile Planet:



A british start-up in which EDF Pulse Ventures invested last year, specialises in carbon sequestration. It recovers certain dusts and ashes from the industrial sector, transforming them through a carbonation process into aggregates that can be used in the construction sector. Its container will be visible via a 3D application throughout the show.

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BeZero Carbon

A british start-up in which EDF Pulse Ventures also invested last year, is the credit rating agency for the voluntary offset market with the highest coverage rate on the market. It assesses the quality of carbon credits using strict, scientific criteria, and communicates this information publicly to ensure the transparency of the carbon credit market. It will be presenting its rating platform during the 4 days of Viva Technology.

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2 other startups from the EDF ecosystem will also be present at the Impact Mile Planet:

Sweetch Energy

Sweetch Energy

A start-up financed by EDF, is building a carbon-neutral future by harnessing a widely available natural resource: osmotic energy. The company will be previewing a model osmotic station at VivaTech, co-designed with the EDF Pulse Design teams.

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Olenergies, winner of the 2022 EDF Pulse Startup Awards, produces new-generation batteries that are high-performance, connected and, above all, environmentally friendly. It will be presenting its various batteries at the Impact Mile Planet.

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EDF, VivaTech’s Low Carbon Partner for the past 2 years

Once again this year, EDF is decarbonizing VivaTech thanks to the expertise of its two startups:



A decarbonization consultancy and subsidiary of EDF, is helping VivaTech to analyze its carbon footprint and implement a concrete action plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

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Actéon Farm

Actéon Farm

Actéon Farm, currently in the "LAUNCH" phase at EDF Pulse Incubation, is supporting VivaTech in its carbon contribution strategy and will help it to offset its residual emissions by financing a French reforestation project.

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