4 categories to give an impulse to new possibilities

Building a CO-neutral future: this is a priority for preserving the climate, and it is also the raison d'être of the EDF Group.
Applying start-ups can contribute to this via one of the 4 categories of the EDF Pulse Start-up Awards!

Low-carbon production

Are you one of those companies that hybridize technologies or invent new ways of producing or storing electricity? Are you creating solutions to reduce our CO emissions and limit our dependence on fossil fuels? Give your project the power to transform the future and apply.

Low-carbon consumption

Are you designing new models to reconcile the preservation of the planet with economic development? New business models for intelligent consumption? New services and solutions to simplify, facilitate and accelerate the decarbonisation of uses? This category is meant for you.

Decarbonising through digital technology

For you, climate equals data? If you are one of those who see digital as a solution and not just a problem, you are in the right place.

Making business simpler and safer

Are you working to transform business to make it more resilient and efficient in the face of climate change? Are well-being and safety at the heart of your innovations? Share your project with us.