29 Oct 2015

EDF, the efficient and responsible electricity company, the champion in low-carbon growth

Today, EDF operates in an environment characterised by the energy transition. Already a reality in France, the energy transition is also taking place at the European level. This is reflected in the low-carbon policies, search for energy independence and major trends that are revolutionising the industrial and energy world, such as energy efficiency and lower production costs.

At the same time, EDF is operating in an environment defined by the digital transition. Interconnectivity, smart meters and smart grids are all examples of digitisation at work in society. Consumers and local authorities now have a role in shaping energy use and energy policy, and this looks set to increase in future. Their heightened expectations are leading energy companies to come up with smarter, more competitive and more decentralised models.

In this context, EDF has devised a strategy dubbed “CAP 2030”, designed to make EDF, as a successful and responsible energy company, the champion of low-carbon growth. CAP 2030 is built around three priorities and a common goal within the company. It outlines the direction EDF will take over the next 15 years.


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