Training throughout your career

Professional training has always been fundamental to our growth and the evolution of our business.

On average, 87% of our staff receive training every year, with an average duration of 66 hours.


Constantly building your professional expertise

Every EDF Group company has professional training mechanisms in place so that, from your very first day and throughout your entire career, you can consolidate your skills, build and refresh your knowledge, or even learn a new role.

Since 2011, professional academies have been set up for 14 main technical and transferable subjects, catering to almost all of the Group’s training needs.

Managers are made

All of the Group’s managers across the globe, numbering no fewer than 26 200 from frontline managers to CEOs, are eligible for training at the Group’s Corporate University.

Vocational training is available online or on-site, in four fundamental fields:

  • team management
  • change management
  • strategy
  • social inclusion

Course content is created in partnership with our distinguished associates: Columbia University, CEIBS in Shanghai, ESSEC, and the Oxford Group, ensuring that there are more than enough opportunities to give meaning to your work.

Campuses: our training facilities

EDF boasts a number of training facilities and is building a network of Campuses - training and conference centres - that deliver training to staff of all levels.  Apprentices, managing directors and staff following professional development courses will meet in these spheres of learning and shared ideas.

The first EDF Campus was opened in France in 2010 in Mureaux, less than one hour from Paris. End of 2016, the Campus will move to new premises at the Paris-Saclay cluster near our new EDF Lab R&D centre, and will include facilities for complex technical training (control room simulator, educational site).

On average, 87% of our staff sit a course every year