Students are happy at EDF ! These are the findings of the Happy Trainees 2022-2023 survey.

Happy Trainees, what's that ?
For the 7th year in a row, EDF has received Happy Trainees accreditation from ChooseMyCompany.
Happy Trainees is a survey that assesses the attractiveness of an employer, and selects the companies that are the most « work-study and internship friendly », as evaluated by the students themselves.
The survey rates companies on 5 criteria :

  • Career development
  • The effectiveness of the environment
  • The quality of management
  • Motivation
  • Pride
  • Enjoyment.

Nearly 4,000 respondents are surveyed over a period of several months, and all responses are anonymous to guarantee objectivity.


90.4% of students recommend EDF and give us an overall rating of 4.21/5.

A few numbers :

  • 90.1 % of our students find that the work organisation delivers a good work-life balance.
  • 87.2 % consider that they are learning and have made progress, and value the human relationships in the organisation.
  • 90.4 % of students find that they have learned and developed their skills during their stay.

Listen to their opinions
In reply to the question  : What do you like most about the company ?

« Being listened to, and the support, the recognition and the kindness of my team and, more widely, of my unit. These are all factors that make the internship a more fulfilling experience. »

« There is a wide range of specialisms, which is very interesting. And there's a pleasant work environment in my department. »

« What I like is the fact that I am autonomous at work and have real duties that meet my expectations. I also like the human relationships in the organisation. »
« EDF personnel are committed and share their know-how and skills, and that all takes place in excellent work conditions.»