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depliant musee hydrelec

L' odyssée patrimoniale et industrielle d' EDF Un musée pour tous Accès facilité Tous publics Le Musée EDF Hydrélec est accessible à tous, petits et grands. L' utilisation de dispositifs multimédias, d' installations de réalité augmentée, de bornes interactives permet une exploration ludique et...

The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q3 2021

compared to the same period last year... As regards Izivia, the leader of public charging in France, it showed a strong growth doubling its sales versus the same period last year... The decrease in sales was mainly due to lower realised nuclear prices by- £ 11 5 / MWh compared to the same period of last year, due to power buyback in a very high market price environment.

The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q1 2021

GROUP SALES- SYNTHESIS Let' s now review the main blocks explaining the organic increase of 6 2 % of the sales in Q1 21 compared to the same period last year... Normal weather conditions in 21 compared to mild weather last year had a positive impact on regulated activities of 0 2 billion euros... Last year was mild weather, so less favourable last year than this year.

Transcription de la présentation aux investisseurs et analystes HY 2021 (en anglais)

EDF 2021 Half Year Results 29 July 2021 EDF: Half Year Results 2021 29 July 2021 2021 HALF YEAR RESULTS Jean Bernard Lévy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer First of all, let review some of the highlights of the last few months... Let me also remind you that last February, the French Nuclear Safety Authority, the ASN, issued its generic decision on the conditions for the continued operations of 900 MW reactors beyond 40 years.

Sales - 1st quarter 2013 transcript

or 3 TWh, compared to last year. Hydro conditions are back to their historical average with reservoirs quite full at the end of the winter as in a standard year but as you can see better than last year... This is also Page 3 of 14 due to the Dungeness unit that was not on the grid during the first quarter of last year.

Sales - 1st quarter 2014 transcript

And unsurprisingly, weather has been one of the drivers of EDF' s first quarter sales, especially compared to the first quarter of last year... Two of them were already announced last year, namely Dalkia for which we signed a final agreement on March 25, 2014, totally consistent with what we announced last year.

Sales - 3rd quarter 2013 transcript

In France, nuclear output was up compared with last year and hydropower output was up significantly, at + 27 7 % compared with the same period last year. In the UK, nuclear output is relatively flat compared with last year, although this has been due to planned outages in 2013. Additionally, we benefited from a favourable weather effect in France of 8 5 TWh compared with last year.

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