Each year, according to Law N° 2017-399 of 27 March 2017 on the Duty of care of parent companies and ordering companies, EDF SA draws up a “Duty of Care plan” and a report on the implementation of the previous plan that it publishes in its Universal Registration Document (URD 2020 - chapter 3.6).

The EDF Duty of Care plan, approved by the Executive Committee, includes reasonable vigilance measures adequate to identify risks and to prevent severe impacts on human rights and fundamental freedoms, health and safety, and the environment arising as a result of the activities of the company, its subsidiaries and subcontractors, and suppliers or project partners with whom an established business relationship is maintained, where these activities are linked to this relationship.

The executive directors must implement a “Duty of care” programme adapted to their entity and the projects they manage, including :

  • Risk mapping by identification, assessment and classification of the risks of severe impacts on human rights and fundamental freedoms, health and safety and the environment. This map is established on criteria linked to the type of activity, the country of operation, the suppliers and subcontractors. It relies on value chain assessment processes;
  • Adequate mitigation and preventive actions according to the risk map;
  • Monitoring systems on the effective and efficient implementation of measures;
  • Review of the actual implementation and the effectiveness of these actions, together with identified improvements;
  • Training and awareness-raising of the employees concerned.

A Duty of Care Officer, appointed within the entities, coordinates the implementation of the programme.

A Duty of Care Chief Compliance Officer, is tasked with managing and coordinating the Duty of Care plan and reporting on its effective implementation based on feedback from the entities, in conjunction with the Group Legal Division, the Group Ethics and Compliance Division and the Group Risks Division. He manages the network of Duty of Care Officers.