For almost 30 years, EDF has been working with the government, regional authorities and welfare agencies to help combat fuel poverty. In order to prevent the power bill from worsening the situation of people in vulnerable circumstances, EDF Group is now using digital technology to improve information and support for society’s most vulnerable members.

Digital provides a broad audience with information and ways of interacting.

In the United Kingdom, EDF Energy has improved its support services for vulnerable people. Thanks to its all-digital Priority Services, customers can access advice depending on their profile and needs, and useful information about the solutions provided by the company and the authorities.

Priority Services, a digital platform to fight against fuel poverty

"Vous aider dans les moments difficiles" (Helping you at difficult times) is a commitment made by EDF in France for vulnerable people. EDF’s “energy support” service provides them with information about payment methods, energy savings and how to access assistance. They can contact a customer consultant to discuss the solutions tailored to their situation. 

The "EDF et moi" (EDF and me) app provides all customers with a personalised space to help them understand and reduce their consumption, expressed in either euros or kWh.

Working more closely with the local authorities’ social services: Pass’

Almost 300 EDF Solidarity Consultants work with local stakeholders to identify and assist people suffering from fuel poverty. They are the first line of contact for municipal and regional council social workers. The majority of the requests handled relate to help with bill payment. The majority of the requests handled relate to help with bill payment.

  • 296,000
    Number of requests from social workers handled in 2017

In 2015, EDF introduced Pass’, an online portal for access to the Group’s solidarity services where social workers can submit requests to EDF Solidarity Consultants and then track their requests in real time. It also provides social workers with updated national and regional databanks and practical information sheets about solidarity provisions.

Partnering with Ashoka to accelerate social innovation


EDF has teamed up with Ashoka, the world’s leading network of social entrepreneurs, to help them develop entrepreneurs working to create a positive impact on society and combat vulnerability.

Solidarity workshops: another form of support

Solidarity Workshops are created in the heart of underprivileged neighbourhoods where residents can come and find out how to renovate their home and reduce their energy consumption. EDF unveiled its first Solidarity Workshop in Toulouse, in May 2015, in the Empalot neighbourhood.

How the Empalot solidarity workshop is combatting fuel poverty?

Strategy CAP 2030

Against the backdrop of the energy transition, EDF has defined a strategy called CAP 2030 which underpins the Group’s goal of being an efficient, responsible electricity company that champions low-carbon growth.

EDF aims for CO₂ neutrality by 2050