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“Scientific and technological skills sponsorship is a partnership between the EDF Group Foundation and EDF R&D. The aim is to make researchers' time available for projects of general interest. EDF's R&D has the characteristic of working for all the Group's businesses. This means that we have a wide range of diversified skills that cover a very broad field that is rarely found in other organisations.”

Etienne Brière, Scientific Director of R&D at EDF


I have three key points to remember

  • 300 days

    are set aside by our research engineers every year for Skill sharing programs in partnership with the EDF Foundation Group.

  • 20%

    of French people have reported to have suffered from the cold during the winter of 2021 for at least 24 hrs. (Source: ONPE - January 2022)

  • 40 years

    of expertise in digital modelling of Airflow mostly in the service of nuclear plants, customised to treat severe burns

Scientific Skill sharing for the benefit of society

Education, culture, environment... Let’s discover how EDF R&D engineer, in partnership with the EDF Group Foundation, contribute to the success of civil society projects that improve our daily lives!

When sponsorship goes even further...

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