It is not a car steering wheel of course, but an economical solution for storing solar energy. The principle is that of a spinning top which rotates constantly: the solar storage flywheel VOSS recovers excess solar energy and rotates. This rotation is constant, even when there is no sun, and generates an electrical current that can be distributed at any time. What makes VOSS so special? It is made from ultra-resistant concrete so that it can be used anywhere, including in the desert.

This new technological feat in terms of energy storage was awarded in 2015 in the "Science" category of the EDF Pulse Awards. In a break with batteries, this flywheel could lower storage costs and thus promote the development of renewable energies.

Since 2015 the support of investors has allowed an engineer to be added to the team. To accelerate the development of Energiestro, other recruitments will follow. Watch this space...

  • 10

    time less expensive

    than usual flywheels due to the concrete

  • 2020

    as a goal for supply

  • €600K


    carried out in 2017

Anne et André Gennesseaux

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Anne & André Gennesseaux, founders of Energestrio.

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