Generating electricity just by moving a finger or balancing on a hammock sounds like a futuristic dream – but Enerbee has made it a reality. This eco-friendly micro-generator transforms energy from our day-to-day movements – even if they are slow or occasional – into electricity. It means an end to using batteries to power your small electronic equipment and smart devices (watches, remote controls, etc.) – they can now be fully energy independent!

Created by a startup from Grenoble, Enerbee won in the ‘Smart Living’ category at the 2015 EDF Pulse Awards. The man behind the project, Jérôme Delamare, said at the time that even if his generator hadn’t won the prize, just getting to that stage of the competition was already a victory in terms of media and business impact. After raising €2.5 million in March 2015, the company decided to focus on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market. The aim is to make smart HVAC systems that give better control over air quality. What a project!

  • €2.5M

    raised in March 2015

  • 20 years

    of experience

    in electromagnetism and energy harvesting

  • 5 years

    of R&D collaboration

    between the Institut Technologique de Grenoble, the CEA-LETI, the CNRS and the Université Joseph Fourier.

Discover Enerbee Team

  • Anaïs Barut Jocelyne Wasselin
  • David Siret Jérôme Delamare
    Founder and CTO

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