When people get home, they tend to switch everything on (lights, the computer, the TV – the works). What if it was possible to avoid this excess electricity consumption? According to young Ukrainian entrepreneur Ivan Pasichnyk, it’s entirely possible – as long as you know when and how you’re wasting energy. To find out, he created Ecoisme, a monitor that connects to the electrical panel and detects the devices that are powered on or on standby in the home. A fridge that’s been left open, an iron that’s been left on, a phone charger that’s still plugged in – Ecoisme identifies devices through power outlets and alerts users via their smartphone. But that’s not all: via a mobile application, Ecoisme provides details of the power consumed by each device and makes recommendations on how to save energy.

After winning in the ‘Smart Home’ category at the EDF Pulse Awards in 2016, Ivan Pasichnyk now has bigger plans in mind. He plans to expand his solar energy optimisation system: Ecoisme could then allow households fitted with solar panels to find out how much solar power is currently available to them and know when to use it, store it or sell it, resulting in even better energy management at home!

  • 80%

    of domestic appliances

    are recognised by Ecoisme

  • 15%

    less electricity consumption

  • +$600K


Discover the Ecoisme Team

  • Ivan Pasichnyk Ivan Pasichnyk
    Founder & CEO
  • Alexander Diatlov Alexander Diatlov
    Operations Director
  • Anton Diatlov Anton Diatlov
    Product Director

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