Over 5 million skin cancer cases are diagnosed each year. The survival rate five years after treatment is 98% for patients whose melanoma was detected at an early stage. It is therefore urgent for us to diagnose these cancers at an early stage. This is what DAMAE Medical offers: their OCTAV® innovation is a sort of super magnifying glass that can see beneath the skin, in real time and without biopsy. No need for a biopsy, dermatologists can examine suspicious cells through simple contact with the skin. A true revolution for diagnosing skin cancer!

Wining a majority of votes at the EDF Pulse Awards 2015, this non-invasive medical imaging tool made it to the podium in the "Health" category. For the co-founder Anaïs Barut, it is a sign of recognition that "helped them gain maturity". Then things started to move quickly, with prototype development, a clinical trial with 200 patients and 2 million euros raised in 2017. This fund-raising should enable DAMAE Medical to launch sale in Europe and possibly, one day, to diversify the medical indications of their innovative technology by working on other cancers.

  • €2M

    raised in 2017

  • 15


  • 200


    involving a first clinical trial

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